Creative Spirit Leads Tina Nguyen To Begin Working On the ESPY and ...

2008-07-10 21:43:31 - Blaine, Minnesota resident, Tina Nguyen, is not your typical college student. While enrolled in the Advertising program at The Art Institutes International Minnesota, she still found the time to lead and participate in the National Technical Honor Society, maintained a 4.0 CGPA, participated as student graduate speaker at her commencement ceremony in June 2008, and accepted a prestigious internship through The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation, working with The Lippin Group, a Public Relations and Marketing consulting firm in Los Angeles, California. Tina's internship program is for graduate and undergraduate students and offers roughly 40 internships for various career categories within the entertainment industry including script writing, casting, art direction, and media relations. Each intern is placed with an agency or production studio in the Los Angeles area. Tina had attended Augsburg College, the University of Minneso...
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